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Order Code MALR Malaria Rapid Screen

Useful For

  • Screening test for diagnosis of malaria before being sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories for confirmation testing
  • Differentiation of P. falciparum from other less virulent species

CLICK HERE for Malaria Testing Algorithm

Specimen Minimum Volume

1 ml EDTA whole blood

Slides:  refer to Specimen collection instructions for slides

Reporting Name

Malaria Rapid screen

Specimen Type

Specimen Required: Varies

Blood and slides are required.


Specimen Type: Blood

Container/Tube: Lavender top (EDTA)

Specimen Volume: 3 mL


Collection Instructions:

1. Invert several times to mix blood.

2. Do not transfer blood to other containers. Send specimen in original tube.


Additional Information:

1. This test is an initial screening test for malaria.

2. Confirmation testing of both positive and negative Rapid Screen results is performed at Mayo Medical Laboratories.


Specimen Type: Blood films

Container/Tube: Clean, grease-free slides in plastic slide container

Specimen Volume: 2 thin blood films and 2 thick blood films


Collection Instructions:

1. Blood films should be made from fresh blood using fingerstick or drops of blood from needle following venipuncture. However, EDTA anticoagulated blood is also acceptable. 

2. Prepare thin blood films as follows:

a. Prepare a thin film with a "feathered edge" that is no more than a single cell thick.

b. Allow the film to thoroughly air dry and then fix by briefly immersing in either absolute or 95% methyl alcohol.

c. Allow to air dry after fixation.

3. Prepare thick blood films as follows:

a. Place a large drop of blood (approximately the size of a dime and preferably from a fingerstick) on a slide.

b. Using a corner of a second slide, spread the drop in a circular motion while applying firm pressure to literally scratch the blood onto the carrier slide. This technique allows the blood to dry quickly and adhere well to the slide. Use approximately 20 circular sweeps with the second slide. The drop of blood should be about the size of a quarter when finished.

c. Do not fix. Air dry thoroughly (approximately 45 minutes) before placing in transport container.



Immunochromatographic membrane assay using monoclonal antibodies

Specimen Stability:


Specimen Type




Refrigerated (preferred)

3 days



3 days


Reject due to :



Mild OK; Gross reject








Refrence value:


Day(s) and Time(s) Performed:

Monday through Sunday