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Order Code TSPOT T-SPOT.TB, Blood

Important Note

T-spots can be collected at the following sites: LeSueur, Sibley, Belle Plaine, Chaska Specialty Clinic, and RMC

Specimens must arrive BEFORE 2PM at RMC and Chaska locations only to allow for Fed-Ex pickup.


Collected Mon-Fri only.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen must arrive  at Oxford within 32 hours of draw. Do not collect specimen if FedEx shipping schedules cannot deliver within that time. Specimen must be collected before Fed-Ex pick-up.  Please call Lab to verify pick up before sending blood.  


Draw 2 Lg Dark Green-Top tubes provided by Oxford for adults and children >10 years old;

1 Lg Dark Green-Top tube for children 2-9 years old; or 1 small Dark Green tube for children <2 years old of heparinized whole blood.

Do not centrifuge.

Note: If patient is immunosuppressed, collect twice as much blood.

Performing Laboratory

Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday


An in vitro diagnostic test that enumerates the response of effector T cells that have been sensitized to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Reference Values


Specimen Transport Temperature

Follow T-SPOT.TB packaging and shipping procedure.

Reporting Title