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Order Code UAH Urinalysis with Reflex to Culture

Specimen Requirements

Specimen must arrive within 24 hours of collection.


1. Avoid contamination of specimen with soap, feces, oil, powder, etc.

2. Submit 12 mL from a clean-catch urine collection in a urine specimen cup. Send specimen refrigerated.

3. If specimen cannot arrive within 24 hours, transfer urine from specimen cup into a UA Preservative Transport Tube.

4. Label specimen with patient’s name, date of birth or hospital medical record number, specimen source, date and time of collection, and collector’s initials.

Note:  Fresh, random urine is also acceptable.

Reference Values

Specific Gravity
















pH:  5.0-8.0

Glucose:  negative (reported as negative, trace, 1+, 2+, or 3+)

Bilirubin:  negative (reported as negative, 1+, 2+, or 3+)

Ketones:  negative (reported as negative, trace, 1+, 2+, or 3+)

Albumin:  negative

Urobilinogen:  normal (reported as normal, 1, 4, 8, or 12 mg/dL)

Nitrate:  negative (reported as positive or negative)

Blood:  negative (reported as negative, trace, 1+, 2+, 3+, or 4+)

Leukocytes:  negative (reported as negative, trace, 1+, or 2+)

Microscopic results:

WBC:  0-5/HPF

RBC:  0-2/HPF

Bacteria:  negative (reported as negative, occasional, moderate, many, or packed)



No growth

Performing Laboratory

Ridgeview Medical Center Laboratory

Two Twelve Medical Center Laboratory

Sibley Medical Center

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday


Urine Test Strip with Reflex to Culture and Microscopic Examination



Criteria for Reflex to Microscopic Examination

Positive Dipstick Results

Urine Turbidity

Leukocyte Esterase Slightly Cloudy
Nitrite Cloudy
Protein Turbid

Blood (Erythrocytes)














Note:  The following establishes criteria for a positive urinalysis.

Nitrate:  positive

Leukocytes:  trace, 1+, or 2+

WBC:  5-20/HPF, 20-50/HPF, 50-200/HPF, or >200/HPF

Bacteria:  occasional, moderate, or many

Yeast:  occasional, moderate, or many

If these criteria are met, #44230 “Culture, Urine” will be ordered and performed by Ridgeview Medical Center Laboratory.

Test Classification and CPT Coding


87088-Culture, urine (if appropriate)

Specimen Transport Temperature

Refrigerate 24 hours